May 23rd. 2014

Today we put the floor down, installed the base board, and I was able to take a couple of detail pictures. All that's missing now, are flowers for the boxes outside, and furniture.

April 20th. 2014

We have finished the roof framing, decking and shingles. We framed and decked the zip line launch platform. And we started building the railings. The rope and plank bridge is in as well. While trying to stain the roof shingles we were rained out, so that's next on our list.

March 15th.

We transported the walls, put them up, and we have started the roof framing. A coat of paint helps blend the platform in a little better as well.

February 22nd.

Framing the platform.

May 5th. 2014

We spend a little time inside, we finished the walls with beadboard, cased out the windows, added a little trim around the bay window seat, and we have started to paint. The sleeping loft is in as well.

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