Miami Tree Houses

Builders of Tree Houses, Zip Lines, and other Play Structures

Fun without limitations

Zip Lines

Fireman pole

Tire swing

Tarzan swing

Rope and Plank bridges

Pulley systems

Mini trampolines

Flower Boxes

Stained glass windows

What We Do

We have been building custom tree houses, zip lines and rope and plank bridges, since 1999, right here in Miami. We pride ourselves on being Miami's only Tree House Builders. We design, construct and maintain Tree houses, and all other structures that are suspended from trees. We also offer consulting, and design services, tree evaluations and a full sets of plans for the DIY parents out there. Our designs are limitless! You dream it, we can create it. You might want a pulley system for your tree house, a slide, a tire swing, or how about a fireman pole? Anything is possible.