Coconut Grove Tree House

This tree house will has been started December 18, 2013. It will have a fireman pole, tire swing, trap door, and a lot of other fun additions. Keep checking for updates.

This project is finished!!

It's January 6th 2014, and this tree house is ready for play. As you can see from the pictures the kids have already moved in some books, lanterns and posters. They're having their first sleepover out there tonight. With temperatures in the 60's tonight that should be great fun!!

Update December 28th

The family is coming home later today, so today was a major push to get the house ready for play.  Today we fastened all the railings, put the last pieces of roofing on, poured the pad for the ships ladder and we installed the tire swing. All that's left are the shutters and the dutch door.

December 26th

We installed the roof ridge today, built a ships ladder, framed a little walkway leading up to the ladder, and we finished up a lot of loose ends. Tomorrow we'll start on the railings.

December 23rd

Major progress was made. We framed the walls and roof yesterday. We also added the siding. Today, we were able to hoist everything up to the platform and install. We scribed around the tree and put our walls up. After that we installed the trusses and the corrugated tin. We're starting to look like a tree house!! 

December 21st 2013

As of December 21st, the braces have been put in place, the platform is up, and the decking was installed. As you can see in the pictures, we installed the decking at a diagonal for added interest. The hardware used to install the platform and the knee braces are  stainless steel Garnier Limbs. Thank you Michael for all those years of research!! 

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