Using only the best hardware

We use 3/8" Galvanized Steel Cables, Triple Swagged connections, and 1" thick closed Eye Bolts to keep you and your children safe. We're also big fans of Michael Garnier's artificial limbs. These GL's, as they're called in the industry, allow us to safely attach our beams to your tree. It simply is the best way to protect both the tree and extend the life of your tree house.





We love what we do and it shows.

We built our first Tree House in 1999, a cute two story simple design. It has little shutters, flower boxes, a ships ladder, and a zip line. A couple of hurricanes later, this little house is still standing! We have learned a lot since our first build, but our principles remain the same. The tree house or play house must be fun, safe and built with very little or no damage to the tree. Or team consists of 4 dedicated people from 4 different countries. Each one of us brings something unique to our Tree houses. From the dutch doors, through the old world rope and plank bridges each one of our projects is unique, just like the tree it is supported by.

Meet the team

Miami Tree Houses

Builders of Tree Houses, Zip Lines, and other Play Structures